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2020 Toyota GR Supra: An A90 on Air

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Like many enthusiasts, Jonathan Rodriguez looks at a car as a canvas for expressing his ideas, creating an identity on the road that matches what's on his mind. When purchasing this 2020 Toyota GR Supra Launch Edition, he looked for a car that looked good but went fast without the need for heavy modifications. Of course, like most people in the car community, once he received number 357 of the 1500 Launch Edition Supras, he set out on leveling up the once Renaissance Red Toyota.

First, Jonathan wanted to swap the color to something that had more pop and stood out from the normal red, black, or white LE GR Supras that were sold. To change colors he used the service of RnG Concepts which is a company owned by Harry Gonzalez and Jonathan that does professional vehicle vinyl wrapping in the Tampa Bay area; they laid down KPMF Gloss Dynamic Teal vinyl to preserve the original color while pivoting to a more attention-grabbing look. On top of the vinyl was a full HALO ceramic coat job to preserve the wrap from the elements.

The new teal color was paired with some carbon accents courtesy of Aimgain which make the front, side, and rear spats. Carbon bits also extend to Sayber Design GR Supra Formula 7 carbon fiber front fenders and a Street Hunter carbon rear wing out back. The aggressiveness of the car is further accentuated by the stance, where Jonathan really dove in.

Static drop loyalists look away, this Supra is riding on air courtesy of PSI Suspensions air struts with height and pressure managed by Airlift. The air suspension gives everyday drivability with the ability to change the height of this GR Supra at the press of the button, it's extremely satisfying watching a car like this slowly lower itself to the ground as if it was melting from the heat.

Of course, a major drop only looks great if the wheels match the build, and they do here as a set of 20-inch staggered (10-inch front width and 11-inch rear) Precision Forged wheels wrapped in Falken Azenis FK510 tires anchor each corner. The brushed black faces on these custom-made wheels help to blend in with all of the carbon fiber parts while contrasting with the bright teal body.

Stance and style are evidently taken care of on this build, but power is important on the already fast MK5 Supra which is why a Twisted Tuning downpipe and an HKS full catback were installed to increase exhaust flow while adding some bark to the B58 engine. Under the hood, an MST V2 cold air intake and FTP Motorsports charge pipe help this inline-six powerhouse breathe better which helps the turbo spool faster and deliver more power.

Jonathan has future plans to tune it with an MHD Flash but right now he's just enjoying it with his friends and family. He credits his wife with being supportive of this hobby and allowing all of the shenanigans that ensue. More support came from friends and the local car community, his business partner Harry who helped him wrap the car, Snoop who lent a hand installing the air suspension, Luis and Geo who handled the downpipe and exhaust, and finally Sergio who took care of the tire install and alignment. Cars like these are the best of both worlds, with neck-breaking looks and speed. When we see the word stance or air suspension we normally don't think of a car that's capable of handling well or pushing out impressive performance metrics but in today's world, you can have your cake and eat it too, Jonathan's GR Supra blends speed and style seamlessly.

**Looking for a photo shoot of your own car? Find me on Instagram @813_Mediia and send me a DM. Covering the Tampa Bay area and surrounding area, thanks for stopping by.**


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