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Courtesy Brandon Toyota Fest Car Show

This past Sunday was the Toyota Fest Car Show by Courtesy Toyota of Brandon dealership. The premise was simple, bring together some passionate Toyota owners to show off their vehicles while showcasing the current Toyota lineup. For me, I set out with my Nikon and captured some of the scenery that some of you might find familiar if you've been following Teq Digest, take a look!

JDM JZA80 Toyota Supra on white Work CR Kai wheels

Survivor 3rd generation TE30 Toyota Corolla

TE72 Wagon with JDM bumpers and corner lights

Pair of TE20 2nd generation Toyota Corollas

Russ' AE86 Trueno coupe, Matt's AE86 Trueno hatch, and Jessica's GR86 on Rays 57DR wheels

SW20 Toyota MR2 Turbo

A few more of Russ' JDM AE86 zenki coupe

**Looking for a photo shoot of your own car? Find me on Instagram @813_Mediia and send me a DM. Covering the Tampa Bay area and surrounding area, thanks for stopping by.**

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Matt Bartolomeo
Matt Bartolomeo
Jan 10, 2023

The owner of the MR2 is Carlos, he is the original owner!

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