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Gerpan '19 Part 1

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

It all started for Teq Digest about a year ago, with ideas floating around to cover different Toyotas of every era; it was simply a matter of fate that an old school Japanese and German car show would take place at the same time. LowKee Oldskool has improved in their second year of Gerpan, more awards for attendees, more cars, more awesomeness! It was exactly what the doctor ordered for anyone looking for their retro ride fix, a clear sunny day, comfortable temperatures, and beautifully molded metal in all colors draped over rubber...automotive heaven. While I could go on and on about how great of an experience Gerpan was this year, I'd rather show it in pictures, enjoy!

A tastefully modded KE10 generation Corolla 2-door wagon caught my eye with a burst of it's orange hued paint. While the wheels and the color aren't original the engine underneath the hood, a 1.2 liter 65 hp 3K; is all you need to move this lightweight chassis.

One of my favorites had to be this rare 5-door Toyota Starlet, never sold in the U.S.; the owner must have imported it from a region like South America where they maintain the steering on the left. A set of Celica wheels and fender mirrors add to the clean look of this KP61, astonishingly complete for a car nearing 40 years old.

Starlet, Corolla, Celica... a greatest hits collection from a bygone era.

TE72 Wagon on Weld Draglites, an old school staple that never gets tired.

Beautifully maintained 1st Gen Celica with a well kept leather top. The TA22 ST had an 18R motor that produced around 105hp which pushed it to a blistering 19.3 second quarter mile in it's time... that wasn't bad for what was considered "just an import."

But if 105 horsepower isn't enough, add about another 400 ponies and you'll get closer to this 2JZ big boost making monster. On the outside it appears to be a clean show car styled Celica, but there's some serious grunt to go with the sleek looks.

The AE86 Toyota Corolla comes in so many style flavors, different attitudes on how to tune it, sometimes it's refreshing to see a car that is meant to just be enjoyed. With just polish keeping the paint fresh, this sunroof optioned 4AGE powered Hachi Roku makes use of an aftermarket radio, steering wheel, and wood panoramic rear view mirror. We spend so much time inside the cockpit you might as well be comfortable.

AW11 MR2s are gaining in popularity as their younger brother SW20 variants have become out of reach for many or the victims of wild engine swaps. This 1st gen mid engine runabout is exceptionally beautiful, original red paint, mud guards, Enkei mesh wheels, and a hard to find OEM rear window visor.

The new hatchback Corolla doesn't do it for you? How about this TE72-era SR5 sitting on Kouki Corolla SR5 wheels and powered by a 4 cylinder hemi 3TC breathing through a pair of Weber side drafts.

We'll be back with more coverage...hatchback, wagon back, more old school goodness to come.



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