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Gerpan '19 Part 2

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

We continue with more coverage of the Gerpan meet by LowKee OldSkool at Quaker Steak and Lube in sunny Clearwater, Florida...enjoy!

The Toyota Corolla SR5 also known as the TE51 is definitely the most attractive of the 3rd generation Corolla line-up. A sport coupe body, the SR5 was a compilation of the greatest hits of it's time, underneath the bonnet a 1.6L 2TC replaced the previous generation's K-series engines, now outputting around 75 ponies. Inside the interior was upgraded with better vinyl seats, and an upscale feel compared to the competition at the time, the shifter moved gears through either a 4-speed or 5-speed T-series transmission. This particular example is sitting on Celica Supra wheels, a 2TC with some ignition upgrades and a fresh Weber top draft carburetor, and a bigger radiator to combat the Florida heat.

Speaking of the SR5 designation, this white TE72 hatch will be featured soon going over all of the details that make it a special ride.

If there's a classic car show these two beautiful Celicas will show up, we have already run a full feature on the brown ST, perhaps it's time for the white California spec model to receive the same treatment.

Rocking a full set now of his beloved SSR Longchamp XR4's and sporting a newly redone exhaust, Matt is thoroughly enjoying his Beams MR2...when he's not enjoying something else with pop-up headlights.

Matt is now also the owner of a super rad imported Toyota Sprinter Trueno, known to most as the AE86. Sitting on a clean set of SSR Star Sharks and having a bunch of JDM goodness scattered in and out of the chassis, it makes for an exceptional ride on twisty back roads.

If you noticed from the previous picture you would see a set of rare Advan A3C's poking out from a nearby RHD Trueno coupe owned by Russ who brought the car over himself from Japan. To make a long story short, both of these cars were on the island of Okinawa during Russ and a friend's enlistment in the military, years later they would both make it stateside with Matt taking ownership of the hatchback. They are twins with a strong bond, similar factory panda paint jobs and mild upgrades that only a keen eye would recognize.

There's more to come from Gerpan...


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