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IStayClean Annual Car Meet Cookout

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Hector of IStayClean has become sort of a staple in the car culture of Florida, hosting events like last week's Annual Car Meet Cookout at Philippe Park in Safety Harbor, FL. The day was hot and humid as we are in the middle of our summer down here, but the turnout was still tremendous, just as cars left more were coming in; but here at TEQ Digest the Toyotas in attendance caught our eye. Here's a few we just had to share with you all, enjoy!

MK4 Supra that ticks all the boxes, a great stance, cool color, form fitting Enkei wheels...oh yea and it's RHD.

Clean and simple, a driver-oriented cockpit for the pilot of this beauty, it also just so happens to be one of the ladies from the S1 Built crew.

"Don't look for happiness, build it" This Supra encompasses that ethos, a mixture of performance and looks, it keeps this chassis up to par with other machines of this era.

It is still a surprise to many when you see a woman behind the wheel of an exotic or enthusiast car, but the owner of this SW20 is just as passionate as anyone else invested in the car culture.

Also right hand drive, the 2nd generation Toyota MR2 is a true driver's car requiring attention behind the wheel and great technique to go fast.

The team at S1 Built continuously bring out some of the cleanest JDM cars to the Florida region, no-nonsense modifications keep the spirit of their cars intact.

Inspired by some of the cars you would find being driven in Japan on a daily basis, the JZX81 Cresta is half people hauler and half sports car.

The owner since acquiring this imported Toyota Cresta has lowered it on coil overs, converted it to manual, and swapped out the wheels along with the rubber until he finds that perfect set that fits his style. A full feature is coming soon on this rad boosted vehicle.

A wild MK4 Supra appears! A sinister front end, black with a low key inter cooler slightly peaking out from behind the plastic.

Under the hood it's all business, a single turbo conversion, some odd and ends to clean up the look of the engine, and peaking out at each corner are adjustable coil overs.

What better way to close this post than with one of the most iconic rear ends Toyota has ever designed? It still makes my heart race when i see that turbo lettering right next to that 90's font Supra insignia.


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