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Life Above Traffic: Lifted Toyota 4Runner

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

There was a time when trucks were trucks, the SUV and CUV market didn't exist. The thirst for spacious vehicles that could do it all, made Toyota release a more civil version of their pick-up to the American audience in the form of the 4Runner. Today most auto makers have abandoned true body on frame trucks all together, unibody construction is used like in most cars to give customers an easier handling vehicle while reducing manufacturing costs. With few options available today, people are looking back to earlier times for affordable options to go off-roading or to just experience "truck life." While you can still walk in to a Toyota dealership and pick up body on frame trucks like the Tacoma, 4Runner, Sequoia, Land Cruiser and chassis sharing Lexus options; doing it to an almost 20 year old truck might be the more cost effective choice.

Cost-effective may not be the words to express this nice example of Toyota off-roading accessory placement. This third generation 4Runner or Hilux Surf as it's known overseas; is a V6 equipped all-wheel drive model with a supercharger to give it some extra oomph. Florida is not known for many elevation changes but those who take their vehicles off course do meet challenging terrain and this Toyota seems up to par for whatever challenge it may face.

I was unable to find the owner but their are some substantial modifications done to this truck. The first is the most obvious...the lift, I can't tell how much higher it is than factory spec but i doubt it'll have any issues clearing boulders or stumps. A series of under body accessories like skid plates will ensure no damage is done to the drive train along with the metal bumpers and running boards. A winch upfront could be used to help a stranded vehicles...or to pull this 4Runner to where it needs to go in case the tires lose traction. However I doubt there are many situations where these large off road tires lose grip along with the bead lock wheels, which match the red accent color featured on the truck. Up top there is a rack used to possibly carry supplies or as is done commonly in Florida, a kayak, not to mention the included ladder provides easy access. Finally while the truck is in great condition it also features plenty of lights, both for emergencies and light bars for when the swamp lands get too dark; overall it's a well kept vehicles even Marty McFly wouldn't mind owning.


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