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New Toyota GR 86 Unveiled!

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Sports car fans rejoice! Another generation of the Toyota 86 has been announced as the GR 86. The latest 86 continues where the previous generation left off with a balanced, sporty, and very capable chassis employing the help of Subaru to propel it forward and beyond. While their are many notable upgrades like styling and ergonomics, it is the added power from the new 2.4L boxer engine delivering 232 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels for a pure driving experience. The new Toyota GR 86 will go on sale later this year in the United States but continue reading for more information on what is sure to be one of the most engaging vehicles released in recent times.

The GR 86 will remain naturally aspirated, the power increase comes from the extra displacement and surely other internal improvements to maintain the boxer's smooth power delivery. Continued use of the 4 cylinder boxer engine helps with the 86's inherit low center of gravity and balance, it also helps decrease 0-60 speeds to 6.3 seconds, down from 7.1 in the outgoing model. Attached to the flat four are two familiar transmissions, a six speed automatic and a manual; a rarity in today's world of fading driver engagement; both units have not had too much information released but look to be an evolution of the former 86's gear changers.

Styling has made a mature evolution as well, upfront you'll notice an aggressive pair of headlights and functional side air intakes. The fenders are made of aluminum and feature that distinctive bulge at the very top that helps tie in it's low slung, rear wheel stance. Out back, the GR 86 has a new set of taillights along with a lower rear fascia with a pair of exhaust tips protruding from the muffler. At each corner a newly designed 18 inch wheel is blended into the small gapped wheel wells, along with it's low stance the aluminum roof adds to the low center of gravity.

Inside you'll plenty of upgrades including a 8 inch touch screen with standard Apple Carplay along with other features that have yet to be announced. The controls are all within easy reach for the driver and now feature digital readouts as does the 7 inch digital gauge cluster. Not much information is available on the seats yet other than they look great and help reduce overall weight of this capable sports car. Much has been done to increase rigidity by 50% throughout, however the car still comes in at just under 2,800lbs making it one of the lighter vehicles in it's class.

Expect much fanfare and excitement in the months to come as more information is released on the Gazoo Racing 86 by Toyota. Gazoo Racing's involvement is sure to help with speculation that some serious editions of the GR 86 will see daylight in the coming years. If you like sports cars and want to ensure a future for this nearly extinct class of cars, please buy cars like this from your local dealer if able; from my personal experience the 86 model has been very rewarding.

(Photos Courtesy of Toyota Motor Corporation)


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