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Planning The Last Phases of Project LatteRoku

Updated: Feb 23

Inching ever so close to the finish line, I find myself realizing that I still have plenty to do to get my 1985 Toyota Corolla SR5 back on the road with its new 1UZ engine swap. Fit and finish may cost me plenty of time and even a little bit of cash but there are those vital systems that I plan on sharing my “to-do” list with you all. What started over six years ago to have a great handling, reliable V8 swapped AE86, has turned into learning more about myself, my car, and about vehicles in general; but this phase of the journey will come to an end this year…that is the goal.

Currently, my car sits in my garage with no fenders, a flat tire, and a bunch of stuff missing that I will outline in my project plan. For the first time since really digging in on my own, I’m using some of the practices from my real-world job and applying them to my old Toyota for all of you to follow in an attempt to have accountability, transparent reporting on pricing and headaches, and as a way to schedule some content so readers/viewers can follow along. Let’s dig into what’s left and what I’m starting on next.

Color Key:

Green- Easy to do as a standalone process

Yellow- Requires other steps to be completed first

Red- Final steps



Install intake manifold with new gaskets

Install cam angle sensors

Install new intake setup

Make lines and brackets for oil cooler

Install oil cooler

Fill with oil


Install a custom clutch fork or purchase one from a Hilux-

Get the driveshaft cut to size

Install driveshaft

Fill diff

Fill transmission


Install rear T3 BBK - Watch Here:

Install e-brake cables

Purchase/make hard line

Fill brake fluid


Install engine harness

Create harness for alternator and starter

Wire up fuel pumps

Relocate fuse box

Install battery with a new positive cable


Buy/Install fuel rail plugs: m12 x 1.25 m14 x 1.5


Add fuel


Weld accelerator bracket

Install gas pedal cable

Install speedo cable

Install carpet velcro pads

Secure dash board

Install remaining interior panels


Buy expansion tank canton racing

Buy coolant reservoir summit racing

Buy a passthrough radiator cap summit

Create fan shroud

Create/buy radiator mounts

Install expansion tank/reservoir

Install radiator

Fill with coolant


Fix and reseal 3D printed headlight duct

Use Bondo to fix cracks on fenders

Paint fenders

Install fenders

Install side skirts

Paint front lip

Install front lip

The list is pretty long but I plan on updating this post as a live document and creating some sort of media to install all of this stuff. Can I wrap all of these line items up before summer? Time will tell, but it’s time to get to work on making my dream a reality. Follow along and keep an eye open on YouTube and Instagram for what’s in store.


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