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The Very Rare GR Supra A91- CF Edition Unveiled

We already know about the numbers, 382 horsepower, a 0-60 time of 3.9 seconds, 6 cylinders, 8 gears... but what about rarity?

The 2022 GR Supra A91- CF Edition is extremely limited to just 600 units and solely offered in the North American market. That means seeing one of these amazing sports car on the road or track will be a rare sight indeed, but that's not what the CF Edition is all about. CF stands for Carbon Fiber, and this latest current-gen Supra has plenty of added parts that not only enhance the look of, but increases the aerodynamic performance of Toyota's halo car.

What you get with the CF Edition is your standard 3.0 GR Supra with some key added elements, first up front are a new set of canards and a larger front splitter to help with downforce. The side rockers are all carbon and all business as they help direct air while accentuating the side profile of the car. Out back is a carbon duckbill spoiler and rear canards, these pieces simply look amazing while also being functional; the duckbill in particular should be enough to entice any Supra fan to run to their dealership to reserve one. The final pieces of the CF Edition exist at each corner with a set of 19 inch matte-black wheels exclusive to this model that match the tone of the carbon fiber goodies while offering contrast to the red calipers behind them. All of these carbon goodies are available on the six-hundred 2022 GR Supras in just two special edition colors, Absolute Zero White and Nitro Yellow.

The details of what makes the latest generation of Supra special are easy to find, the list of standard safety and performance features can be seen at, but one thing that is worth mentioning to all new Toyota GR Supra owners is the complimentary 1 year NASA membership. For those who don't know, NASA stands for National Auto Sport Association which is the leading event organizer for High Performance Driving Events (HPDE) in the United States. With the complimentary membership, new members can take their new Toyota sports car to a free HPDE event and get discounts for further dates thereafter. New drivers are set to go on track and in a classroom to learn the basics of high performance driving while interacting with fellow enthusiasts; instructors are free for all beginners which helps keep you safe while having fun. Enthusiasts get your engines started, the 600 Toyota 2022 GR Supra AF91- CF Edition will go more ways than one.


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