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Top 10 Toyota Videos For Quarantine

Well it is upon us, COVID19 or the Coronavirus as many call it, it's scary, potentially deadly, and has many people around the world self-quarantining. It would be a shame if while at home you didn't have anything to entertain you but luckily there's Youtube...and we all know what kind of wormhole that can lead you down. So we wanted to share with you 10 videos that are Toyota-centric that will lead you down a path of entertaining content both old and new that may spark some interest in that car you left on jackstands all winter. So in the meantime stay up to date with COVID19 here and enjoy these 10 videos.

1. Mighty Car Mods - Making a Slow Car Fast for $500 (Starring "Yaris Hilton")

2. Hot Version - Ultimate AE86 & Civic vs. Turbo Power

3. Totally Gassed - 750 BHP MadMax Lexus LS400 Drift Car

4. Hoonigan AutoFocus - Max Orido's Personal Garage (JDM Supra Goodness)

5. Halcyon - Jaycray's Liberty Walk LC500 "Valley of Fire"

6. MotorWeek - Retro Review 1988 Toyota MR2 AW11

7. GTChannel - Off Roading with Jimahajer (Taco Tuesday!)

8. Petrolicious - Living The 86 Life

9. Noriyaro - Mark II Drifts Again and Wins a Trophy!

10. Papadakis Racing - B58 (MKV Supra) Engine Dyno 1000+ HP


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