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Toyotas of GERPAN

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Hey everyone, just last weekend, May 13th; i attended the first annual Gerpan Car Meet hosted by LowKee Oldskool car club. The idea behind the meeting was to bring together classic German and Japanese car fans...hence the name Gerpan! With the rainy season starting here in Florida, the die hard car enthusiasts took to Quaker Steak in Clearwater, FL to show off what they had. While they were some really nice examples of other makes and models, we will focus on the Toyotas that were in attendance with other photos posted on our Facebook page... Thanks for visiting!

A Beams 3SGE motor swapped in to a first-generation Celica.

Extremely clean TA60-era Toyota Celica sitting on original wheels.

The owner took care of this Celica, everything seems to be in the best shape possible for a 30+ year old car.

Mid-ship Runabout AW11, fun for dollar ratio on these vehicles are very high.

Clean example of a TE72 Toyota Corolla equipped with the hemispherical 1.8 liter 3TC engine.

MA70 Toyota Supra, a late 80's icon in the turbocharged GT coupe era.

A drift-spec MX83 Toyota Cressida really caught my eye. Every modification seems to serve a the goal of having fun.

Even with the rough edges I personally liked how the car sat on it's upgraded wheels, it very much embodies Japanese drift style.

This MX73 Cressida Wagon had a custom rag-top moon roof, and a turbocharged 5MGE under the hood.

This is Gerpan and LowKee Oldskool founder Ron Dilk's Toyota Corolla Wagon.

This car checks all the boxes, clean, lowered properly, era-correct wheels, JDM bits...what's not to love?

MR2 AW11 and MR2 SW20

A hard to find running 4AGZE supercharged MR2, most take these motors out to swap in to other chassis, this 1.6L blown engine stood home.

A full feature will be coming soon on this beautiful SW20 MR2, equipped with a Beams 3SGE i'm sure screams at high rpms down a back road.

Do you miss the 90's? I enjoyed seeing the close to stock interior and the retro pattern adorning the seats.

Have you seen one of these? It's a Twin-Turbo Toyota Cresta imported from Japan.

The Cresta comes from the same family of Cressidas and other large Toyota sedans, except this RWD model comes with a manual option and various engine choices.

The 1GGTE, a high-risk high-reward engine, with proper maintenance these boosted engines keep your JDM saloon rolling at high speeds.


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