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Videos Worth Watching for Toyota Fans

If you're like me, you are constantly looking for Toyota-related content on YouTube and other video-sharing websites. I enjoy a mix of new and old; content from new creators about newer cars, videos from Toyota, and the classics from companies like Best Motoring and Option. So, here are 10 videos to get your JDM juices flowing, if you have your own videos you'd like to share please send them over to, enjoy!

1. Toyota's Vintage & Newest : Toyota Sports 800 & AE86 & GR86 Test Drive

I can't get enough of the CarPrime channel, some of my favorite Japanese car personalities enjoying some drool-worthy machinery. In this particular video, we get to see each famous driver enjoying each other's personal cars, my favorite being the one-off Toyota Sports 800. I would detail everything about each car but it's definitely worth checking out yourself.

2. I Just Bought A $20,000 Japanese Rolls-Royce - The V12 Toyota Century

The only V12 to ever come out of Japan was the one found in Toyota's JDM flagship, the Century. James of Throttle House is lucky for two reasons, first, he has the best job ever, and second as a Canadian he only has to wait 15 years to import cars from Japan. Check out his honest review of his "Japanese Rolls-Royce."

3. Restoration of a Rare GT Turbo Toyota Starlet

Ok, I'm partial to this video, it features a Zenki EP82 Toyota GT Starlet Turbo. A pre-facelifted version of my own car, this old Starlet goes from zero to hero with the amazing work of Mad4Motors.

4. 1000hp Toyota Supra Turbo vs Aprilia RSV4 RF Superbike Drag Race

The team over at Hoonigan know how to have a good time. In this video, PetrolWerk's own Moe Khan takes his high-powered street Toyota Supra to do battle against a very fast street bike. I won't spoil the ending but it is impressive to see such a capable straight line car drive to its' limits over and over again, and then still be able to drive home.

5. The 4-Day Transformation Of Our GR86 Build...

Like the Toyota 86 before it, the newly released Toyota GR86 is a super easy car to customize. In this video you'll see how this car makes a transformation with some delectable goodies from some of the best brands from the other side of the world. If this doesn't make you want a GR86 or to make some poor decisions with your credit card then I don't know what will.

6. Does sports car have a particular future? Hydrogen-Powered Engine Corolla Tsukuba maximum attack.

I'll admit, I don't have much fondness for electric vehicles when used to do the go-fast thing. Sure, we need changes to preserve our environment but something about an electric motor feels like it's taking away from the driving experience beyond trips to the mall. Luckily, Toyota built this awesome GR Yaris engine-equipped Toyota Corolla endurance race car that runs on hydrogen. Is hydrogen in our future as a potential carbon-neutral solution? I hope so after watching this video.

7. AE86 Day 2022

How did you spend your AE86 day? Well for slpry86 he enjoyed it to the fullest visiting YZ East Course to slide with other hachi rokus. I really enjoy this personal vlog style video, you really get the essence of 86 culture in Japan.

8. Ode to Summers Past | National Sales Event | Toyota

Iron Pig. AE86. Toyota Van. Great job on this commercial Toyota!

9. Toyota Celica 'Four Door' Camry 2000GT, 18R-GEU DOHC

WasabiCars always brings the heat! You've heard of the Celica Supra of course, but what about the Celica Camry? This rare car is something akin to a four-door Celica, not quite at the level of a Cresta but also not like a Corona. This very strange, yet attractive vehicle is detailed in the above video, would you like one?

10. Return of the King: Rod Millen's Final Thoughts on the 100th Running of The Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Larry Chen is a living legend in regards to automotive photography, and when he's not shooting amazing photos he's working on this awesome YouTube page. The immortal Rod Millen recently made his way up Pikes Peak in his purpose-built Tacoma from the 90's, not only did they pull this car out of storage for the epic run, but Rod completed it himself after years away from the most dangerous race in the world.


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