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Gerpan '19 Part 3

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Coverage continues below of Gerpan 2019...

We open with this beautiful third generation TE38 Toyota Corolla Woody Wagon. While these now rare cars were built in massive quantities world-wide, survivors with original faux-wood paneling are scarce. As Toyota created a foothold during the late 70's in car sales, it was important to appeal to American buyers suffering from the oil crisis by offering big car style in a small, economic package.

Big car style styling existed for the 2-door TE37 Toyota Corolla SR5 as well. The front had a large imposing grille surrounded by chrome, the SR5 designation meant that it was covered in top tier vinyl inside, and had some of the most distinct and cool looking tail lights of any Corolla generation. The example here is as clean as they come, the original A-pillar mounted antennae, side striping, perfectly intact interior, it's a 40 plus year old time capsule sitting on Weld Drag Racing wheels.

Low Rider styled cars never go out of style, but it was surprising to see an "east coast" inspired take on the genre on an RA65 Celica convertible. The owner of this example is originally from Brooklyn, NY and has had this car in pretty much the same guise for decades, keeping it clean and true to his own style. While some may not appreciate the chain steering wheel, thorn striping, or the American Racing Hammer wheels; you can't deny that keeping this ride on the road is pretty impressive on it's own.

Custom, effective, practical, those are some of the words i think come to mind when i see a ride like this. The Japanese have applied the ethos of "make it work" mentality when building or repairing their own grassroots drift cars, the MX73 Cressida Wagon seen here has an owner who is concerned with having fun; so he makes it work. The 5MGE under the hood (sometimes no hood is used) has the addition of boost from a custom plumbed turbo, a side exit exhaust, slammed coilovers, and custom panoramic sunroof add to this dope hoon-mobile.

A car that is definitely worth a full feature and more is Jonathan's USDM Original Toyota Corolla GTS. The AE86 comes in many guises, is modified in so many ways, but it is refreshing to see a real GTS equipped with OEM bumpers being enjoyed on some aftermarket wheels and a lowered ride height. Inside the addition of a Nardi steering wheel and aftermarket head unit prove that the owner is looking to enjoy his machine from the best position...behind the wheel.

We end with a shot of this rad Toyota Van, mesh wheels and clean panels, it is the quintessential 80's road trip ride that will get you to and back from where you need to be. We look forward to Gerpan 2020 and more event coverage, stay tuned...


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