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In My Garage: Car Spotting- Final Bout at Thompson Speedway, CT

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Final Bout made a stop at Thompson Speedway in Connecticut for round 3 of a grassroots drifting event that gathers top drivers from around the country. As professional drifting has hit the mainstream, many up and coming drivers look to learn the craft of dancing on rubber while winning recognition through events like this. Ultimately while all drifting is fun to watch and do (in a safe environment of course), grassroots drifting brings creativity from your garage onto a track.

Part of drifting is looking good while you're clipping that apex and turning on the smoke machine at the rear wheels. This rough style MX83 Toyota Cressida encompasses the grassroots style seen in the late 90's and early 2000's when drifting exploded on the scene; a huge hood vent, front mount intercooler, cambered wheels. and black paint adding to the menacing look fit the purpose of this fierce competitor.

The AE86 known also as the Sprinter Trueno/Levin/Corolla GTS(SR5), is the cult underdog favorite of the drift scene. If you have never seen some of the epic runs by drift legend Katsuhiro Ueo as he won the D1 Grand Prix in 2002 in his own under-powered "hachi-roku" then please head over to Youtube to see some vintage videos. Although sporting fresh lens, bumper lights, and a coat of electric blue paint, this AE86 sees action on track as proof of the battle scars on the front bumper.

Action took place on Thompson Speedway's track and it doesn't get better than seeing two Toyotas go at it in a tandem battle, a more modern IS300 being chases by its spiritual predecessor...the AE86.

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