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Sleeper Sedan: Modified Camry All Trac

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

When we think about the Alltrac label on the back of some older Toyota vehicles made in the late 80's and early 90's it is synonymous with the GT4 rally world dominating Celica. I'm sure we all remember loading up Gran Turismo and driving a Celica GT4 with that iconic Castrol livery, but what about other models that used the innovative Alltrac/GT4 system? One vehicle worth mentioning is the little known Camry Alltrac that came in both DX and LE variants. It is a car so rare that when i walked past the blue example below, i had to open my phone and do a google search.

Being completely unaware of such a model existing i found out quickly that this 3SFE equipped AWD commuter car came with a manual transmission and was only on sale between 1988-1991. What rally loving car fanatic wouldn't want a comfortable sedan that can put the power down to all four wheels, plow through snow, dirt, and mud and more? Well Tammy, the owner of the blue on blue Camry you see here; was all in on this modified sleeper car.

Having been put together by popular aftermarket parts supplier PRIME Performance, the car began life as an automatic but received a new transmission from a 6th generation ST205 Celica. After piecing together manual pedals from another Camry, a 4th generation 3SGTE out of the Japanese market only Caldina was installed; which pumped out 260 horsepower in stock form. Further measures were taken to make this modded vehicle reliable...Toyota reliable, with the installation of a large front mount inter-cooler, a Koyo radiator, and a remote oil filter housing with an oil cooler.

The Camry's exterior remains relatively stock looking, only a very keen eye would notice vents on the hood and front bumper. An exhaust pipe out back which is fairly quiet, pushes out the compressed exhaust fumes generated by the CT15 turbo. The owner, Tammy; thoroughly enjoys her vehicle on a regular basis using every bit of the 9lbs of peak boost to plow through long flat stretches of Florida flat lands. It meets all the prerequisites of a true sleeper, a model that is already unassuming, a color that stays under the radar, but with a powerhouse under the hood that with a bit of massaging could produce double the current power levels... maybe those are the future plans for this 4-door brawler.


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