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The Supras of Cars and Coffee Davis Island

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Red, the color of passion, also one of the best hues to drape the voluptuous last-gen Supra

DuPont Registry is known for their marketing of luxury and fast cars along with articles on how to purchase said vehicles. It is then only right that they showcase their place in car culture, with a monthly Cars and Coffee event. Normally held at their headquarters in St. Petersburg, FL; Cars and Coffee sometimes take the show on the road a few times of year, and the setting of Davis Island and it's Peter O. Knight Airport is the perfect way to involve fans of everything fast.

This car sits on some classic-for-the-era 5 spoke wheels, and an aftermarket exhaust, it's close enough to stock to remain under the radar...

While we go to many of these events and see hypercars like McClarens, rare classic Porsches, and the members of the Ferrari club; we don't always get the time to shed light on some attainable fast the venerable MKIV Toyota Supra.

...but the single turbo conversion and polished parts under the engine bay show that this 2JZ is probably pushing out some serious numbers.

Whether you have a classic 1972 Corolla (Please let me see it) or a hotly tuned Supra, participating in these events gives the opportunity for others to see something special in what can sometimes be considered "regular cars".

Sometimes JZA80 owners rather not be so subtle, and why? It's a chassis that is over 20 years old and still looks showroom new.

Participation in your local Cars and Coffee-esque meets are a good way to meet other enthusiasts, gather ideas, and to definitely scope out some serious exotic machinery.

Mickey Thompson slicks put back means that you probably will only see the rear end when this thing launches.

There's a lot of history with Toyota, some of it will be retold in later posts, but your own history with a particular vehicle should be shared as often as possible, it's passion that keeps car culture alive.

Accompanying the Blue drag racer is an equally beautiful Silver MKIV Supra sans the wing but not the oomph!

No greater crime than not driving your car, so get out there, dust off your car, check the fluids, and rip one for the fellas.

A beautiful engine captured in motion, it sounded lovely with a slight growl, the turbo blanket tells me it means business.


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