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Tokyo Auto Salon Auction: Toyota Classics Up for Grabs

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

The Tokyo Auto Salon takes place every year and offers a glimpse in to both stock and modified vehicles for sale in Japan. This year the event takes place January 11th-13th at the Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex in Chiba, Japan where all of our JDM dreams will come true, it is SEMA for the land of the rising sun. While we all anticipate the release of the new Supra, that will premiere at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show which takes place on January 14th giving us American fans a first look at the production vehicle we will come to love.

For those lucky enough to live in or visit Japan, the Makuhari Messe will be chock full of cool cars, gadgets, and even video games revolving around what we love Along with the usual epic display of Japanese tuning, an auction will also be taking place showcasing 50 rare and unusual cars. The auction list can be found here ( which shows listings for everything from rare Datsuns, Drift Spec Vipers, and even some Ferraris; what we're most interested in however are the two Toyotas up for grabs.

The first vehicle listed is a near perfect example of a 1973 Toyota MiniAce Chassis code UP100. This utility truck was built on the bread and butter chassis used by Toyota in the 1960's to create vehicles like the Publica and is powered by the 790cc air cooled 2U flat 2 cylinder. With 36 horsepower under the hood and a top speed of about 68 mph, this was a perfect car for small Japanese country roads and the city streets that still exist today. Pricing for this rare and intact MiniAce starts at about $7,400 US and is a bargain for any collector.

For those looking to own a piece of Toyota automotive and racing history one should look no further than the 1965 Sports 800 UP15 listed here. Like the MiniAce, the Sports 800 is powered by a 2U but this time pushing out 44 horsepower topping out the 1,200 lb car at around 100 mph. The Sports 800 is hilariously small in person measuring in about 11 feet from front to back bumper, it was Toyota's first foray in to sports cars before the legendary Yamaha built 2000GT was built. Pricing for this pristine example is estimated at about $46,000, with not too many existing here in the states; perhaps it's time to take out a last minute flight to retrieve this perfect coupe.


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