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Too Cold to Wrench? Watch These Videos!

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

It's that time of the year where many of us store our cars or plan to complete projects when it's a bit warmer. Winter tends to reduce our desire to wrench on cars, with freezing temperatures and snow making for the perfect excuse to stay indoors. Of course we may need a bit of motivation, or something to just entertain us; so here are 7 Toyota/Lexus-centric videos to pair with hot cocoa and fluffy socks.

Gears and Gasoline: The Worst MR2 Finally Goes to the Racetrack!

The guys at Gears and Gasoline (Ben and Ben) make amazing videos, they have completed various road trips across America in some very cool cars. When they're not driving highly modified cars from Virginia to Alaska, they enjoy racing, but with young men on a budget what's the best car to take on track? Maybe the answer is the 3rd generation MR2, which is exactly what was purchased at a very low price to turn it from a failed lack-of-style the fun, nimble, red coupe featured below. See how the 1ZZ powers this midship runabout through turns all-day, giving wide grins to everyone who gets behind the wheel.

CARPRIME: DK Tsuchiya & MAX ORIDO introduces Full Details of AE86: Full Tuned racing & Light Tuned daily use.

Anyone who's into Japanese car culture will recognize these two legends and at least one of the cars in this video. Keichi Tsuchiya aka "Drift King" and Max Orido, who is a staple in the Japanese racing scene; present Orido's newly acquired AE86 alongside the well known Trueno from the many Hot Version touge videos many of us grew up on. Luckily for those of us who do not speak Japanese, really good subtitles are included on this video presented on the English translated version of the Car Prime YouTube channel; it's amazing to see two well kept machines with different tuning styles.

Speed Academy: Is This What it Takes to BEAT the R34 GTR - SUPRA Levels Up

Peter and Dave of Speed Academy have an ongoing series titled "JDM Legends" where they make the best possible Toyota Supra and Nissan GTR to eventually compete with each other. In typical SA style, the choices they make are well thought out but brought to you through a very honest lens; sometimes these guys make mistakes which uncovers so much more information about certain vehicles than just their awesome modification style. The Supra in this video has received some major upgrades while retaining plenty of OEM parts... let's see what it takes to beat an R34 GTR.

Savagegeese: Lexus LC500 Ownership | Good, Bad, and, Real Talk

The team at Savagegeese make beautifully shot videos; they also provide serious commentary on vehicles along with in-depth breakdowns of the technology, suspension, and drivetrain during their reviews. My own personal attainable dream car is the Lexus LC500. The LC500 is beautiful, engaging, and has one of the last naturally aspirated V8s in any luxury car. Mark from Savagegeese owns an LC500 and gives his honest take on what it's like to live with one, if you ever considered purchasing this flagship model or want to learn more about, this video is for you.

Throttle House: 2022 Toyota GR86 Review // Surprise DRAG RACE + LAP TIME

The fellas at Throttle House are pretty funny and love to drive fast, add the new Toyota GR86 to the mix and you get drag racing, tire smoke, and a better than expected lap time. The latest and greatest GR86 has garnered plenty of attention with its bump in power, upgraded interior, all while retaining the sublime handling that made the first generation a star. With the torque dip issue solved, the GR86 takes on the last 86 and the latest Mazda Miata to bring it back up to the top of the hill, but don't just take my word for it check out all the other action below.

Driving Sports TV: 2022 Lexus GX 460 and 2006 GX 470 Mountain Adventure

For those of you living in areas where you have mountains or can go off-road in a vehicle, the Lexus GX model has been a staple of the adventure driving scene. In this video an older GX 470 equipped with a few off-road mods is pitted against a brand new 2022 GX460 to compare the differences between each vehicles. Ultimately we can look at this comparison as whether or not you can get the same capabilities, comfort, and value from the new model as you could with an older model; the video will tell all but what it's telling me right now is that I could use an off-road adventure.

Best MOTOring Official: GR Yaris is a probably great one.【Hot-Version】2021

Ok, to be honest, this video just makes me excited for the prospect of the GR Corolla! What better way to figure out how good the GR Yaris is than by putting it up against rivals that on paper seem to outgun it. If the GR Yaris is any indication as to what is in store for those of us in the North American region receiving a GR Corolla in the near future... this is one fast vehicle.


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