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Toyota Spotting in Tampa Part 1

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Living in the Tampa Bay area has its perks, hot weather, beaches, fairly smooth roads, and very relaxed automotive ownership laws that allow people to register anything with headlights and a windshield...within reason. Tampa also has a diverse car community, you have your donks, lifted trucks, slammed mini-trucks, JDM imports, stance cars, drift cars, hypercars, and pretty much everything in between. Luckily as a Toyota aficionado, there's also a plethora of Toyota and Lexus vehicles in varying states of builds and from different eras. I usually keep my eyes open at different events for Aichi-built vehicles, snapping pictures of anything with a "T" or "L" badge on it, and sometimes I find some gems, but I always have more pictures than I have time to go through. This series is sort of an ode to Tampa's Toyota and Lexus owners, or at least the ones that I have captured. Not every car is perfect or to my exact liking, but they capture the creativity and enthusiasm of the people in Tampa's ever-evolving car culture. So, here is a collection of random photos from the past three or so years...enjoy.

Lexus SC300 JZZ30

Lexus LS430 UCF30

Lexus GS350 GRL10

Toyota Corolla Wagon TE72

Toyota 86 ZN6

Toyota Supra Turbo MA70

Lexus IS300 SportCross JCE10

Lexus GS300 JZS160


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